Steve White


(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1018

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Valerie Sheridan

Business Coordinator

(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1021

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Board of Trustees

Lakeland reports to a Board of Trustees consisting of three members from the West Parry Sound Health Centre Board and three community representatives. The board meets on a monthly basis to discuss all issues involving Lakeland. The CEO, Administrator, Director of Nursing and Personal Care attend all Board meetings as non-voting members. We greatly appreciate the contributions and support from our Board to the operations of the home and their personal involvement in many of the large activities for staff and residents.


  • Don Brickett, Chair, Community Director
  • Judy Rallis, Vice Chair, Community Director
  • Linda Chase, WPSHC Board Director
  • Donald Sanderson, Secretary/Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) WPSHC and Lakeland
  • Denis Stevenson, Community Director
  • Conrad Van der Valk, WPSHC Board Director
  • Kevin Fuchs, WPSHC Board Director



Lakeland is proud of the 24-hour nursing and personal care provided by our professionally trained staff. The entire nursing team works hard to ensure that our residents receive quality care.


Director of Nursing and Personal Care

Deborah Randall-Wood

705-773-4041, Ext. 1016

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Nurse Manager (RN)

Our Nurse Managers are registered nurses who perform an important role at Lakeland. Not only do they perform the duties identified by the College of Nurses of Ontario, they also work closely with all the members of the interdisciplinary team, assist with resident and family concerns, mentor and support other staff, and perform a number of administrative functions. The Nurse Managers are dedicated professionals and their compassion and caring is appreciated.

Nurse Managers
–(705) 773-4041 Extension 1468

Nursing Stations –

Lake Rosseau: (Room 101-121) –(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1036
Magnetewan: (Room 122-147) –(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1064
Georgian Bay: (Room 201-225) –(705) 773-4041 Ext. 2014
Snug Harbour: (Room 226-251) –(705) 773-4041 Ext. 2214

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)

The RPN is a team leader and home area advocate. They not only perform to their full scope of practice as identified by the College of Nurses of Ontario, but their duties also include: assessment, documentation, care plan development and updates, addressing resident and family concerns, dispensing medication, administering specific treatments, addressing care issues, ensuring that the care plan is implemented, as well as many other responsibilities. Inquires regarding any specific resident should be directed to the RPN on the home area where the resident resides.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)

 The Personal Support Worker (PSW) is the primary caregiver to the resident. The present certificate program requires nine months of college training. The role of PSWs has changed significantly over the years and now encompasses every aspect of the resident's personal care including meeting the physical, social, psychological and emotional needs of our residents, and addressing any behavioural issues that may arise. PSWs develop strong relationships with our residents, and possess a passion for their role and a compassion for each resident. We are proud of our PSWs, and their commitment and dedication to our residents and Lakeland.

Recreation Department

Sarah Allan

Program Manager
(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1072
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Registered Social Services Worker

Inquiries, Admissions, Tours and more!


Tamara Noll, RSSW

(705) 773-4041 Ext. 1026

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Dietary & Housekeeping


Meals, Menu's and Housekeeping!

Contact:  Barb Cockwell
Support Services Supervisor – Dietary & Housekeeping
(705) 773-4041 Ext. 2220
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Mealtime is the highlight event for many of our residents. The dietary servers are employees of Aramark (contracted service) but considered equal members of the Lakeland team. Dietary staff are responsible for preparing the dining room before and after each meal. They are also responsible for ensuring food is a proper temperature, in the correct portion, and nicely presented. The courtesy and care consistently shown by dietary staff help make mealtime a pleasant experience for our residents.


Lakeland's housekeepers are an important part of the team and the housekeeping staff have some of the strongest relationships with our residents because they interact with each other daily. The housekeeping staff provide invaluable care to the residents and their dedication is obvious. We recognize and truly appreciate all the hard work that they do.

Our Partners

Lakeland has many partners including the West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHC), Aramark, Classic Care Pharmacy, Centric Health and others.


Lakeland is owned by and attached to the West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHC). Donald Sanderson is the CEO of both WPSHC and Lakeland Long Term Care. The WPSHC provides Lakeland with a number of purchased services, including meal preparation, laundry, maintenance, IT and financial/payroll services. Both organizations gain from the sharing of these services, creating a multi-faceted health care provider of acute and long term care.


Aramark is a contracted service providing dietary, housekeeping, and environmental support. Lakeland's dietary servers and housekeepers are Aramark employees, as is the Manager of Support Services. Aramark staff are considered as much a part of Lakeland as anyone else who works in the home. Aramark plays a major role at Lakeland and all their staff do an excellent job. We are proud of their accomplishments and their obvious dedication to Lakeland.

Classic Care Pharmacy

Classic Care Pharmacy provides resident medications. A division of Centric Health, Classic Care Pharmacy is one of the leading medication dispensing pharmacies for long term care in the province. They take an active role in monitoring medication orders, providing staff training, keep Lakeland up to date on the latest information and participating in our Professional Advisory Committee.

Lifemark Physio Services

Lifemark Physio Services is contracted to provide our Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist Assistant and Occupational Therapist support. The goal of physiotherapy at Lakeland is to restore, maintain, and maximize the strength, function, movement, and overall well-being of residents. In order to accomplish this goal, physiotherapist conduct thorough assessments to determine the appropriate therapeutic exercises along with the required resident education.


We CARE for People.

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