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Dietary & Housekeeping


Meals, Menu's and Housekeeping!

Contact:  Barb Cockwell
Support Services Supervisor – Dietary & Housekeeping
(705) 773-4041 Ext. 2220
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mealtime is the highlight event for many of our residents. The dietary servers are employees of Aramark (contracted service) but considered equal members of the Lakeland team. Dietary staff are responsible for preparing the dining room before and after each meal. They are also responsible for ensuring food is a proper temperature, in the correct portion, and nicely presented. The courtesy and care consistently shown by dietary staff help make mealtime a pleasant experience for our residents.


Lakeland's housekeepers are an important part of the team and the housekeeping staff have some of the strongest relationships with our residents because they interact with each other daily. The housekeeping staff provide invaluable care to the residents and their dedication is obvious. We recognize and truly appreciate all the hard work that they do.