Frequently asked Questions

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1. how much will I pay?

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care outlines the fees that each resident will be required to pay according to the accommodation type that they desire.

Due to the yearly change of fees (as per the MOHLTC), please contact your local HCAC for the current rate of accommodation as per your desired accommodation type.

Please Note: 

Only those that are admitted to the home as a basic rate payer are eligible for a rate reduction.

If your annual income is less than the specified minimum amount (as per MOHLTC), you may be eligible for a co-payment rate reduction. To apply for this rate reduction, or to maintain eligibility for a current rate reduction, you must ensure that you complete an “Application for Reduction in Long-Term Care Home Accommodation Fees”, each year within a reasonable time frame.

Rate Reduced/Subsidized residents will have a “Comfort Allowance” which is outlined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and is subject to change annually.

In addition to the Accommodation charge, there are fees associated with optional services of which you will be asked to make a decision on during the initial admission process.

We are happy to discuss all relevant fees with you!


The additional services are as follows:

Monthly Cable: $55.53

Monthly Phone: $28.75 + long distance

Hairdressing: Prices vary depending on service provided

Pharmacy: $2 dispensary fee per medication, per month. Plus any additional medications not covered by the Provincial Drug Plan. This is billed separately from Lakeland LTC.


** Please note, these prices are subject to change.

2)    What items should I not bring to Lakeland?

The following items are not allowed in a long-term care facility:

-         Heating devices

-         Heating Pads & Blankets

-         Personal Medications without Orders from a Physician

-         Lava Lamps

-         Jack Knives or other sharp knives

-         Candles

-         Weapons (Antique or Otherwise)

-         Humidifiers & Vapourizers

-         Floor Lamps

-         Exercise Equipment

-         Floor Rugs

-         Cleaning Supplies & Air Fresheners

-         Talcum Powder

-         Alcohol/Drugs without Orders from a Physician

3)    Are there any restrictions or requirements on other items?

The following items are allowed in the home; however, need to be brought to our attention beforehand so that we can outline specific safety or security precautions that must be implemented.

-         Scooters

-         Cigarettes & Tobacco

-         Lighters & Matches

-         Laundry Detergent

-         Sewing Needles

-         Scissors

-         Nail Clippers

-         Magic Bags & Similar Products

-         Cash in excess of $10

-         Vitamins

-         Bar Size Fridge

-         Alcohol

-         Tea Kettles

-         Jewelry & Valuables

-         Craft Supplies

-         Bar Soap (Private Rooms Only)

4)     What concerns are there when we move in furniture and other personal items?

-         There are no special times for moving; however, we do ask some discretion if it should occur after 8pm.

-         A flatbed Rubbermaid cart (located in the Celebration Room – the large meeting room to the right of the café on the first floor) is available to transport furniture and personal items. If the cart is not in the Celebration Room, it is likely in use. Please ask a staff member when it will be made available.

-         Remember: The laneway by the front entrance is a fire route and must remain clear. When transporting your items from your vehicle, please park at the front door, unload your items in the front foyer, and then move your vehicle to the meter parking lot or the Lakeland parking lot. Do not leave your vehicles in the laneway.

5)    What are visiting hours?

There are none!

You are at liberty to come and go from the home and stay as long as you would like as a guest of a resident. However, it may be a good idea to avoid visiting in the early morning, late in the evening, and at meal times unless joining a resident for a meal.

6)    Why are the door secured and how do they work?

-         The secured doors within the building allow residents the freedom to walk throughout the home without fear that they will leave through the front door or the cafeteria doors to the WPSHC. Please do not let residents through these doors without checking with a staff member first. We are all responsible for the safety of our residents.

-         There are also secured doors on all stairwells. You must have a swipe card to enter and exit the stairwells. Please do not take a resident with you into the stairwell.


8)    Do I have to pay for parking as a resident or family member?

Each resident is issued one swipe care that will allow access to the building and parking. This card will be given to the resident/Power of Attorney for Property – or their designate. A $20 non-refundable fee will be charged to the resident’s account.

There is a $20 replacement fee for any lost or damaged cards.

Monthly parking passes can also be purchased for $100 plus a $15 deposit from the Finance Department located on the 4th Floor of the West Parry Sound Health Centre. Tokens are only issued to family members of palliative residents, potential residents touring the facility, and charitable organizations. Tokens can be obtained from the Business Manager or the Executive Assistant to the Director of Personal Care.

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Please Note: Cards are deactivated upon resident discharge and must be returned.

9)    What Laundry Services are there?

At Lakeland LTC we strive to provide the best possible services, but please be aware that all clothing is washed in industrial washers at the West Parry Sound Health Centre (as per Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requirements). Not all garments can tolerate the temperatures that must be reached in order to ensure that standards are met.

For your convenience, we have provided a domestic washer and dryer for use by family members or residents on each home area in the Family Rooms. Please remember to bring your own Detergent and Fabric Softener.

10)     What is the Medication Routine?

Each resident will have their medication administered to them by a member of our Registered Nursing team. All prescribed medications will be monitored and evaluated every three (3) months by the doctor and registered nursing staff for the medication’s effectiveness.

11)      Who accompanies residents to appointments?

It may be necessary for your loved one to attend an appointment at the health centre or another off-site location. Unfortunately, Lakeland is not able to provide an escort to these destinations but does strongly recommend that every resident be accompanied to these appointments. Hospital volunteers may be made available to assist, but are not considered escorts since they will not remain with the resident and cannot assist with transfers, toiling, disrobing, etc..


12)    When will I see the Physician?

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The resident can expect to see the doctor on a weekly basis, when he/she is on rounds. There will also be a Care Conference held approximately 6 weeks after the resident is admitted to Lakeland LTC. The doctor typically attends the Care Conference.

If you feel that you need to speak with the doctor, leave a message with the Nurse Manager and ask him/her to call you back.

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Please Note: We encourage resident participation in the Care Conference, although this may not always be possible.

13)     When are residents allowed to leave the building and for how long?

Permanent discharge can occur at any time. If a decision has been made to discharge a resident, financial charges will be worked out per diem with a final adjusted statement sent to the billing contact for the resident. It is highly suggested, however, that you arrange the discharge plan with the Social Services Manager in advance.

Temporary leaves can also be arranged with Nursing. These should be done in advance to allow for Nursing staff to properly prepare the resident and/or the medication that will be needed during the leave of absence.

Casual leave and vacation cannot be taken during the first 24-hours following the initial admission to the home. For Temporary leave, the following time frames are applicable:

       Casual Leave:

      48-hours per week, with Sunday being the usual start day and Saturday being the end day. In addition, residents are entitled to 21 days per year that is exclusive of the 48-hours per week.

       Medical Leave:

If the resident is admitted to a hospital, the resident has 30 days to return back to the home.

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      Psychiatric Leave:

If the resident is admitted to a Mental Health facility, the resident has 90 days to return back to the home.


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Not finding answers to your questions? Please download our Resident Family Handbook or contact us for more information.

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