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Recreational Activities and Events


We take every opportunity for our residents, families and staff to have fun. The following is a list of just some of the regular events and activities available:

Gardening Group — Residents help out with gardening activites such as planting, watering, and weeding. We have an annual Spring Planting day in which the residents plant all the flowers in the flower beds.

Walking Club — Residents participate in a Restorative program which gets them up and walking around the building.

Gone Fishin' Trip — In the summer residents have the option to sign up for a fishing trip done monthly for each resident home area (RHA).

Bingo — Every Friday residents enjoy the fun game of BINGO and have the chance to win prizes! Once Monthly residents can enjoy MONSTER BINGO where they have the chance to enjoy bigger prizes!

Scrapbooking — Residents can participate in this craft where we take recent photos of events around Lakeland and scrapbook them into albums for residents to enjoy once the books are completed.

Shopping Trips — Residents can sign up for Shopping Trips in which the destination is usually Wal*Mart and Dollarama.

Pajama Day— a day of fun for residents, managers and staff of all departments.

Sing-a-long — We have a Sing Song every Wednesday in which residents from all RHA are invited to attend. We often have live entertainment come in to join us for the program.

Home Baking — Every Saturday an RHA will have this program scheduled and residents can enjoy the process of making something yummy – and tasting the final product afterwards of course!

Birthday Celebrations — Once a month we have a huge birthday party for all the residents who are celebrating a birthday that month, however, all residents are invited to come and enjoy the music, drinks, and cake of course.

Chat With the Chaplain — Our Chaplain, Larry Freeman, runs our spiritual activities in Lakeland. Chat with the Chaplain is a time when residents can sit down and speak with Larry about a variety of different things.

… and so much more! For further information contact our Recreation Department or download this month's Recreation Calendar.